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Uncontrolled web activity in the workplace impacts productivity and can cause legal problems, creating financial and reputation risks. With 6% of employees downloading illegally while at work, it’s vital that you take control.

Social media, videos, music, games and illegal downloads are some of the security challenges your business faces every day. These are the challenges 365-IT proprietary system has been designed to tackle.

365-IT protects you and your business from:
• Web-based threats by using a combination of malicious, vulnerable and phishing URL filters with download scanning by up to three AV engines.
• Potential legal liabilities caused by downloading illegal material such as movies, un-licensed software or music and slowing your internet.
• Productivity loss by managing everything employees do online thanks to real-time monitoring when managing internet use.
• Security breaches by managing access to web applications for cloud storage, social networking, online games and much more.

Can you afford not to take control of your company’s Internet use?

If you want to give your staff the freedom of the ‘net’ yet continue to protect your network as best as you can, 365-IT is the solution.
Mike Crews

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