Many of us are using laptop computers as our main computer and they take a beating. They fall off the couch, get knocked around in the car when going from home to office and eventually will have damage that needs to be repaired. Don’t replace it, repair it for a fraction of the cost of a new laptop. Laptop repair is the most cost effective solution to replacing the damaged unit.

Laptop Power Port Jack Repair

The power plug and the jack that it goes in takes a beating on most laptops. One good fall of the couch and the soldered connections are stressed and will lead to an eventual failure of the power jack. Let 365-IT repair this with replacement parts that match the factory specs and get you back up and running.

Our certified PC Repair Technician takes all the necessary precautions to prevent additional damage to your computer. Proper grounding and electrostatic discharging are observed when working on your laptop.

Most power jacks or plugs are repaired starting at only $99.99. And if we have the parts in inventory, can be repaired in the same day.

Laptop Screen Repair

Did you leave a pen on your keyboard and closed the lid on your laptop and the screen shatter? Did the laptop get knocked off a table and the screen cracked? Did you forget it was on the couch and sat on it and broke the screen?

Laptops are not very useful when the screen gets broken. And carrying a extra screen around cause you can’t afford to replace the laptop is defeating the purpose of a laptop. Our Screen replacements start at $149.99.

Give us a call to get your laptop repaired today.