So much of our lives are now being stored on hard drives in the form of photos, important documents and even our financial records. What happens if your hard drive crashes and becomes unreadable? What do you do? Did you have a current backup? Do you know how to perform data recovery on your hard drive?

PC Data Recovery

The picture of your child taking their first steps, the photo of your pet and child taking a nap together on the living room floor or your parents 50th anniversary photos are all priceless and would be a great loss if your hard drive crashes. When the inevitable happens, 365-IT can recover your precious memories and if not, there is no charge.

Corporate Data Recovery

It 2:30 and the big meeting is in 30 minutes. your computer displays a strange error message and you have to restart the computer. Your computer then tells you that it can’t find the hard drive. Aaaaaghhhh! Your hard drive has died and 6 months of painstaking research and documentation has just vanished. What do you do? Do you start over? Who can you call?

Call the Data Recovery Expert, 365-IT

At 365-IT, we have the experience, skills, knowledge and the tools to recover your important data from the hard drive that has become unresponsive. Let us run a FREE data recovery diagnostic on you hard drive. Here is how we proceed with your data recovery:

  • Scan the hard drive for files that can be recovered
  • Identify if the hard drive is bad or only partially damaged.
  • Recover your files
  • Once your data recovery is complete, we can replace the hard drive and install system software

Give us a call to get started on your Data Recovery today.
And if we can’t recover your data there is no charge.