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Remote IT Support is a much more cost effective way of managing or providing maintenance on the computers in a business or home environment. Initially there is a small piece of software that is installed on the remote machine that then allows a IT Professional to access and control your computer. It a similar process to a GoToMeeting webinar where you are accessing a remote computer to view a presentation or demonstration.

The highly secure software that is used for the remote IT support allows the IT Professional to access your computer and perform maintenance on your computer. Ultimately saving you time and money by not needing to take your computer to the computer tech or scheduling time for the tech to visit your location.

What tasks can be done in a Remote IT Support Session?

  • Run System Updates
  • Install software
  • Configure Hardware and Software
  • Run Virus Scans
  • Remove Viruses
  • General Computer Support

What is required to do a Remote IT Support session?

Access to a high speed internet connection is required. This could be with a DSL, FiOS, or a Cable Modem which is standard for most internet service providers. If you are having problems with accessing the internet this may require a visit for an IT Professional to resolve the problem.

The last requirement is the installation of a small application that will allow the secure connection between your computer and the IT Professional’s computer. This can be setup on the phone while talking with your support tech.

We do Remote IT Support

Call us now 214-414-5429  365-IT provides this service to you at a fraction of the cost have having a tech come to your location. Along with the remote IT support, 365-IT provides Laptop repairs, computer upgrades, server support and shared gaming server services.

Located in the heart of Plano, Texas, 365-IT is here to server all your computer needs. Stop by our shop, give us a call or send us an e-mail to learn more about Remote IT Support and all our products and services.

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