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The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center  is warning businesses and individuals about the continued spread of cryptographic ransom ware. This malware encrypts a victim’s files with a key held by criminals on a remote server, and it then extorts money from the victim to recover those files. The FBI’s advice for avoiding ransom ware is fairly standard. Use antivirus and firewall software and keep them updated; enable pop-up blockers to prevent accidental clicks on malicious WebPages that could download malware.

The FBI wants companies to know that the Bureau is there for them if they are hacked. But if that hack involves Crypto locker, Crypto wall or other forms of ransom ware, the nation’s top law enforcement agency is warning companies that they may not be able to get their data back without paying a ransom.

“The ransom ware is that good,” said Joseph Bonavolonta, the Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s CYBER and Counterintelligence Program in its Boston office.  “To be honest, we often advise people just to pay the ransom.”

Bonavolonta was addressing a gathering of business and technology leaders at the Cyber Security Summit 2015 on Wednesday at Boston’s Back Bay Events Center. He was referring to ransom ware programs like Crypto locker, Crypto wall, Riverton and other malicious programs that encrypt the contents of a victim’s hard drive, as well as other directories accessible from the infected system. The owner is then asked to pay a ransom – often hundreds of dollars – for the key to unencrypt the data.

Can you afford not to take control and monitor  your company’s Internet use?

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